Business plan 2015

Overall objectives

  • Be a vibrant association
  • Find new audiences for our business
  • Develop new activities
  • Participate in public debate
  • Support children- and youth activities in Skovde Skara SBU

Measurable goals

2015-12-31 we want

  • have at least 50 Promise members 80 junior members
  • have appeared in the media at least 5 times
  • Having started viper's bugloss Activities at another city
  • have at least 10 employees
  • have a plan for continued funding

Our target groups

  • Members
  • Children and young people
  • Parents
  • Schoolchildren
  • Unemployed
  • More Cultural

Practice Areas


We will continue to offer blåbandsaktiviteter in collaboration with NBV and Our farms at least 3 times / semester for our members and other interested. We need to broaden our activities as it reaches beyond our own association local and willingly in collaboration with the municipality or other organizations.

Children- and youth activities

The association wants to support Skovde SBU with the local and the personal commitment and competence. Through special grant funds, we'll implement camp activities for children and young people living in a tough financial situation or migrant backgrounds.

School activities

Work to implement lectures, for example no alcohol before 18 for parents at local schools. We wish to be visited by ant-bus during a bus tour in West Bengal.


Continue pursuing viper's bugloss operations in Skövde, Tidaholm and Falkirk. Work to increase revenues in our social enterprises. Start least one new social enterprise and work to be at least one location more. Find activities in addition viper's bugloss that creates funding for the association.


We'll send reportage and commentary from our events, invite the press to our business and spread our message in opinion articles and through our website and facebook group Blue Ribbon Skovde.