Blue band

Blue Ribbon is a non-profit organization working for a better society and an alcohol- and drug-free lifestyle. Join the Blue band.


Viper's bugloss is a labor projects starting new enterprises in the social economy.


In G'round can boys aged 15-25 year meet to dance, coffee and socialize in a safe and alcohol-free environment. The aim is to prevent violence among young men, whether violence is alcohol related or not.

Roundabout Moving Girls

Roundabout Moving Girls is about the same as G'round but for girls. Roundabout build up local groups that meet weekly to practice dance techniques and new street dance choreographies, socialize, have fun and refreshments along.

Young Skovde

Young Skovde aimed at young people aged 13-25 is the. You can get advice regarding particular. Bullying, drugs, Equality, housing, Jobs and Education, you can get tips on what you can do if you are bored, and you can learn about democracy and how to influence society. At least when this was written,; content may have changed when you read this.


Dandelion Children is a nonprofit organization that supports young people who have parents who abuse and / or the mentally ill.

Confident Children

Safeguarding children is a foundation for helping children, adolescents, parents and relatives in families with addiction.

Safe Kids Foundation was founded by Agneta Safe. Agneta is a mother of three from Djursholm who want to make the world better for all families.

The origins of the Foundation Safe Kids were really Agneta's husband Hans became an alcoholic. Agneta dared to tackle the problem and realized on the road more and more that it is not only the alcoholic who needs help, but also the families.

I Say No Drugs

Today we live in a society where there is a lot of information about drugs. Much of the information given about drugs comes from people who either sell drugs or take drugs themselves.

To learn more, be able to decide and take its own decision on drugs need information on what drugs are and what happens when you take them. Many who work with us have themselves a history of taking drugs and know what it means to be dependent and trapped in an abusive.

We have therefore made those pages where you get easy-going information about drugs. There is much more to know if you want to immerse yourself but we hope you have a little more knowledge and understanding.