Käpplunda Blåbandsförening was formed on 24 October 1902. The initiative was taken by the then foreman at Käpplunda limestone quarry Axel Widmark. At the second meeting determined the yearly fee 50 penny. It would be paid semiannually. Coffee was served for a fee of 15 penny, but not at all meetings. It was also decided that the association would join the Skaraborg County Blåbandsförbund.

1902 Käpplunda Blåbandsförening was formed on 24 October.

1904 ordered a standard still adorn a compound of the walls of the premises.

1906 A sewing circle was formed and had its first auction in May.

1907 purchased a plot for the construction of the association house at a price of 600 kr. Now it was discussed whether it would build in wood 4543 or £ bricks 3600 kr. A decision was not taken without a meeting, decided to lease out the plot of one year at a time.

1909 came again building up the question. The meeting decided to buy a new plot of land closer to town, selling the old. The price was now 750 kr. A construction began and 23 October, the association its first meeting in the premises. The association has a library of century books. Society is and has been a vigorous SBU department that flourished long periods and put on hold for other times.